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Every organization has limited time and resources. Why is Operation Freefall® a good choice for you?

Participating in Operation Freefall as a local host organization is an excellent way to raise money for your organization and increase your community's awareness of sexual violence at the same time!

Dollars and cents

The minimum participation fee for each tandem skydiver is $950. Of that, your organization receives $325 for each tandem skydiver you recruit. Participants can, and often do, raise more than the minimum. Additionally, fifty percent (50%) of the pledges raised in excess of the minimum are donated to your organization.

For example: If your organization signs up four tandem skydivers, you would receive $1,300. And, if they raised an additional $500 each, your organization would receive an additional $1,000. That's a total of $2,300 just for recruiting four tandem skydivers.

And don't forget the extras

Your organization keeps 100% of the proceeds you raise from events surrounding the jump such as food and/or drink, raffle or auction, and local sponsorships*.

Publicity is important, too: Having participants solicit their families and friends, local businesses, etc. for pledges—not to mention the national media coverage Operation Freefall receives itself—is a great way to increase your organization's profile in your community.

As you can see, Operation Freefall offers an opportunity for you to raise both funds and awareness—and have fun doing it!

Operation Freefall® Local Host Requirements

  • The local host organization must be a legally formed and a validly existing entity that provides services to victims and survivors of sexual violence.

  • A representative from the local host organization must be present at the drop zone the day of the event and remain at the drop zone until the last participant has completed their skydive.

  • The local host organization agrees to plan and provide additional activities at the drop zone the day of the event such as informational tables, refreshments, games, auctions/raffles, entertainment, etc.

  • The local host organization commits to recruiting at least ten (10) participants to be eligible to receive financial benefits of being a local host for Operation Freefall.**

  • The local host organization agrees to collaborate with other host agencies if there are multiple hosts utilizing the same skydiving facility ("drop zone").

  • The local host agrees to provide written documentation to Operation Freefall upon request detailing how their portion of the funds was utilized by their agency.

Register as an Official Local Host

Contact Kellie Greene



Deadline for local host registration is February 1, 2014.

"I was very skeptical about our ability to make this event work, so I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it all was. Aside from distributing information, there was very little for us to do. I like a public awareness event that doesn't require a lot of hours on my staff's part to coordinate. We can devote our time to victims/survivors – a win/win situation."

—Judi Moseley, Bolton Refuge House

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*Regional sponsorships, including any sponsorships relating to more than one drop zone, and national sponsors or sponsorships, must be coordinated through Speaking Out About Rape, Inc.®, which owns and organizes Operation Freefall.

**Contact SOAR as soon as possible if you are not able to meet this requirement so that we may make special arrangements.

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